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Old friends

A lot of nostalgia lately. Old friends, old times, memories that feel like new. I miss so many of my old friends. Friends from home, from camp, from life in general. 

Maybe one day I will get to relive it… or maybe I won’t but sometimes I like to live in the memories.

21 years but not 21 smiles

You could say that I am really sad today. That would be a fact. 

I’m 21 today, and I can’t think of 21 things that make me happy in my life. 

I just spent a little over 3 hours in a room with girls that are supposed to love me. All I felt was hate. 

Not everyone said happy birthday, which is fine, and I understand but Gosh every other person’s birthday that I see is happy, is good, is fun. Mine just makes me feel like shit.

Hilary could have lived another year, at the expense of me missing out on all this bullshit. I would trade in a heartbeat. I hate my friends, I hate my pressures, I hate that I can’t shake this. 

The sun’ll come out tomorrow, but that’s what I said yesterday. No day should ever beat your birthday… Every year that proves false. 

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